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Ridesharingit came to be from the experience of driving for Uber and Lyft and the frustrations that resulted from not having access to all the info one might need as a driver and passenger of the services. While driving and Ride Sharing in various cities including Denver, Philadelphia, and Boston, what we found was there was plenty of information all over the web about Lyft and Uber. Recently a number of sites have done a good job of putting valuable information out to help drivers & riders, but we felt it could be done a little more clearly and hopefully more completely.

It is our goal then as drivers & riders to keep this site as up to date with information for learning purposes so you can avoid poor driving practices, and to make as much money as possible driving Rideshare. We focus only on Uber & Lyft as we do not have any experience with others.

Ridesharingit is here to provide you:

  • Tips To Make Sure You Are Ready To Begin & Keep Driving
  • Tips For Earning More As A Driver
  • Helpful Apps and Savings Services For Riders & Divers
  • Driver Resources Which Make Driving For A Living Easier
  • Tips For Saving More As A Rider
  • Answers To Questions You Have About Driving For Lyft & Uber


We welcome all questions via email: help(at) (replace at with @). We will keep a section of FAQs from any emails and do our best to answer all new questions. This is just to avoid spam and run on conversations.

We want to encourage Rideshare Drivers that it is possible to make a living driving full time for Uber & Lyft, at least for the time being. Things are saturated in many cities, but even so, we are seeing persistent drivers earn a normal living. As a side gig driving can earn you hundreds every week.

Please use this site to avoid poor driving practices and maximize your money as a driver.

Is Rideshare driving for everyone? Absolutely not. Can you earn a full time living doing it? That depends on how much you need to earn, but many people are doing it. Is it hard to earn a living doing it? Yes of course, but we do it because other than actually keeping our vehicles clean and being out at times for long hours, it affords us the ultimate flexibility in schedule and freedom.

Disclosure: That said, we are a professional review site that gets compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test and or verify the claims of the very best products we can find. The opinions expressed here are our own.


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Start Making Money As A Rideshare Driver Now: